How to Merge Percentage with Text in Excel

Percentages are stored as numbers in Excel. When merging percentages and text together directly using the concat function, the percentage turns to a number with decimals and the percentage sign disappears.

For example, in the example below when merging text and percentages together, the "8%" turns into "0.08".

To merge the text and percentage together without losing the percentage sign, please use the TEXT function.

=TEXT(B2,"0%")&" are "&A2

Where TEXT(B2,"0%") will keep the percentage sign when merging.

To keep decimal in the percentage, please change "0%" to "0.0%" for 1 decimal, and "0.00%" for two decimals etc. The formula to keep the percentage sign and also keep two decimals.

=TEXT(B2,"0.00%")&" are "&A2

Where " are " is the connection word and can be changed to any other words.

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