How to Merge Fraction with Text in Excel

Fractions are one type of numbers in Excel. When merging fraction and text together directly using the concat function, the fraction turns to a number with decimals and the fraction format disappears.

For example, in the example below when merging text and fraction together, "8%" turns into "0.08".

To merge the text and fraction together without losing the fraction format, please use the TEXT function.

=TEXT(B2,"?/100")&" are "&A2

Where TEXT(B2,"?/100") will keep the fraction format.

If you want to "10" as the denominator, you can change 100 to 10.

TEXT(B2,"?/100") is to keep the format of the proper fraction. If you need to have the mix fraction, please use the formula below.

=TEXT(B2,"# ?/100")&" "&A2

When the fraction is greater than 1, the fraction turns into the mixed fraction. For example, "149/100" returns to "1 49/100".

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