How to Make the Same Value Different When Sorting

When pulling the top values from a data table in Excel, you may come to the situation where the last a couple of values are the same.

For example, when pulling the top 5 values from a list, the 5th and 6th value are the same.

As a result, you cannot directly pull the top 5 values, and you can only pull the top 6 values or the top 4 values.

To be able to pull the top 5 values when the 5th and 6th are the same, you can use the trick to add each number a very small but different number.

This will force the same value of the 5th and 6th to be different. For example, the 5th value of 23 becomes 23.0000005 and the 6th value of the 23 becomes 23.0000006.

When pulling the top 5 values again, you will only pull one of the 23.

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