How to Insert Text after Content in Excel

The CONCAT function is one of the text functions that allow you to join two or more cells together. If you need to combine cells in different cells, please refer to how to combine cells. If you need to add text (or numbers) and merge them with the contents in cells, you can use the CONCAT function.

The CONCAT function is only available from Excel 2019, and please use the CONCATENATE function or the ampersand sign (&).

Example 1: To add 5 spaces in front of the cell contents

When using the CONCAT function in Excel, you need to use quotation marks for text strings or other contents but not for the numbers.

=CONCAT(" ", B2)
=" "&B2
We have five spaces in between quotation marks.

Example 2: To add cities in the address

Not only you can add the text (or any contents) after the existing contents in a cell, but you can add them in any position of the cell. The following example is to add the city (e.g., New York) after the existing content, but you can switch the positions if you need to.

You may notice that we added one comma and one space in front of the city so make the formatting nicer.

=CONCAT(A2, ", New York")
=CONCATENATE(A2, ", New York")
=A2&", New York"

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