How to Insert Page X of Y with no Existing Header in Word

You may like the page number format of "page X of Y", where x is the page number and Y is the number of total pages. If your document already has the header or footer, please check how to insert "Page X of Y" into an existing header in Word; if you are working with a Word document without existing header or footer, please follow the steps below for details:

Step 1: Click the "Insert" tab from the ribbon;

Step 2: Click "Page Number" in the "Header&Footer" section, and select a location (e.g., Bottom of Page);

Step 3: In the gallery, scroll down until you find the option "Page X of Y" in the list;

Step 4: Double click anywhere in the body of your document to close the "Header and Footer";

Step 5: Please check here to add page numbers with a fancy background.

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