How to Insert or Delete a Comment in Google Sheets

You may often insert comments to the contents in Google Sheets. Please see below for details:

Step 1: Right-click the cell that you want to insert comments;

Step 2: Move down to the bottom of the dialog box and select "Comment";

Step 3: Type your comments in the box and click the "Comment" button;

Step 4: The "Comment" will appear when you hover the cursor on the cell;

Step 5: If multiple people work on the sheet, other people can reply to your comments;

Step 6: Click "Resolve" in the comment box to remove the comments from the cell;

Step 7: To check the comments after, click the "Open History" button on the top-right corner;

Step 8: You will see all the resolved comment here;

Step 9: You can delete the comments anytime by clicking "Delete" after the comment.

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