How to Insert a Line Break in Word

When you move texts to a new line, you can use either a hard line break or a soft line break. They both will bring the contents to a new line, but they are different.

A hard line break: When you finish a paragraph and start a new paragraph, you normally press "Enter" key from the keyboard, which creates a hard line break. This will automatically add a paragraph space which is normally wider than the line space.

A soft line break: When working with the word document, you may have a long title or a sentence and you want them in different lines. Adding a hard line break will leave a big gap between the lines. If you want the contents into different lines but stay together, you will need a soft line break. Please follow the steps below to add soft line breaks:

Step 1: Move the cursor to the location where you want to add the line break;

Step 2: Pressing shortcut key "Shift+Enter";

Step 3: The contents after the cursor will move to a new line.

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