How to Insert a Checkbox in Excel

A checkbox is a small widget that allows users to make binary choices. The checkbox will display as ☑ when you answer "yes" while the checkbox will display as ☐ when you answer "no". The checkbox is useful when you want to collect participants' opinions.

To insert a checkbox in Excel, you will need to bring in the "Developer" tab to the ribbon. Please check how to bring the main menu to the ribbon for details.

Step 1: After you bring the "Developer" tab to the ribbon, click the tab;

Step 2: Click the "Insert" command in the "Control" section;

Step 3: Click the "Control Box" button from the drop-list commands;

Step 4: Click any cell and you will see a checkbox is now in the Excel;

Step 5: If you want to change or delete the text in the box, please right-click and then click "Edit Text" to change or modify.

Step 5: To change the checkbox into a 3-D shape, please right-click and select "Format Control", then select "3-D shading" under the "Control" tab.

Step 6: You will get the 3-D shading checkbox as below.

When you finish everything including formatting, you can copy and paste to get many checkboxes.

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