How to Increase Font Size While Reading Email in Outlook

When reading messages, you can increase the font size if you find the message font size is too small. Please follow the steps below for details:

Step 1: Click the message and read the message in the reading pane, or double click to read the message in the message window;

Step 2: The most convenient method is holding "Ctrl" key from the keyboard, and scroll up the mouse to increase the font size, or scroll down to decrease the font size.

Alternatively, please use the following methods.

Step 3: If just for one message that you are reading, please click the zoom level at the right bottom to zoom in;

Step 4: If you want to increase the font size and let Outlook remember your preference, please click the percentage right after zoom level to open the "Zoom dialog box";

Step 5: In the new dialog box, select a percentage from "Zoom to", or type a percentage in the percentage box (e.g., 150), check "Remember my preference", and click "OK";

Step 6: Next time, when you read the email, the font size will automatically increase to 150% or the original size.

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