How to Use Icons to Present Values in the Cell

Using conditional formatting, you can present values in the cells with icons. Please follow the steps below for details:

Step 1: Select the data range;

Step 2: Click the "Home" tab from the Ribbon;

Step 3: Click the "Conditional Formatting" command in the "Styles" section;

Step 4: Click the "Icon Sets" command from the drop-down list, and select the color icon set, e.g., "3 Stars" icons;

Step 5: You will see the data are now with different icons;

Step 6: You can also get rid of the data and leave only icons;

1. Click "More rules" at the end of the extended list;

2. Check "Show icon only" in the new window;

3. You can also decide the value for the color of the star.

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