How to Sum Numbers

To add numbers, you can use the SUM function or the addition sign (+). However, they are different. The SUM function adds cells together, as well as the numbers in a range.

The addition sign will not work for the data ranges. For example, the formula =A2:B3+A5 will not have you the sum of each cell in the range.

Example 1: Please add the numbers in columns A and B in the following table.

To add the two numbers together, you can use the SUM function or the addition sign (+).


Example 2: Please get the sum of the numbers in the range A2:B3 and the range A6:B6 together in the following table.

When using the addition sign (+) to add each cell together, you will get an error because the content in B3 is a text string, while the SUM function will get the sum of the rest five cells with numbers


Notes: The SUM function

Formula: =SUM(number1,[number2],…)


– Number 1 is required, the first number to add.

– Number 2… is optional, the rest of the numbers are to add.


– Only numeric values can be added. All cells with logical or text values will be ignored.


– The number is required, the number you want is the absolute value.

Download: SUM Function

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