How to Use REPT Function

The REPT function repeats a text string with a specified number of times.


=REPT(text, number_times)


- Text is required, the text string that you need to repeat;

- Number_times is required, the times that the text string will be repeated.


- Number_times needs to be greater than or equal to 0 and cannot be omitted;

- If number_times is with decimals, only integer portion will be extracted;

- If number_times is negative, the result returns #VALUE!;

- The result cannot be longer than 32,767 characters, or REPT returns #VALUE!

Example: Display "ABC" 3 times in cell B1.

= REPT("ABC",3)

The result returns "ABCABCABC", repeated 3 times.

Download: REPT Function

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