How to Use MINA Function

In Excel, you can use MINA function to find the smallest number in a set of numbers when you want to include logical values and text information representing numbers in a reference in the calculation. Please refer to MIN function if you do not want to include them.


= MINA(number1, [number2], …)


– Number 1 is required;

– [number2] … numbers other than the first are optional.


– When a cell contains errors or information that can not be translated into numbers, the MINA function may return to errors.

– Blank cells are ignored.

– The logical values will be translated into 1 when they are TRUE values and 0 when they are FALSE values.

Example 1: What is the minimum income in Column C?

= MINA(C2:C9) The minimum income is 1.

Example 2: The MIN function vs. the MINA function

= MINA(C2:C9) The minimum value is 1.
= MIN(C2:C9) The minimum value is $53,308.

In this example, cell C6 is ignored because it is a blank cell. Cell C8 is translated into 1 because it is a logical value where value TRUE is translated into 1. The MINA function includes the logical value while the MIN function does not include the logical value.

Download: MINA Function

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