How to Use MID Function

The MID function returns the characters you specified based on the starting position and the number of characters. For example, the 3rd letter from the text string "How to use MID Function" is "w".


=MID(text, start_num, num_chars)


– The text is required, which is the text string that you need to extract letters from.

– The start_num is required. The position of the first character you need to extract. Start_num can be any number, but the result returns blank if it is larger than the number of characters in the text string.

– The num_chars is required, the number of characters you want to extract.


– Start_num is greater than the length of the text, the result returns blank;

– Start_num is less than 1, the result returns the #VALUE! error;

– Num_chars is negative, the result returns the #VALUE! error.

Example: Extract the 2 letters from "How to" from the 2nd letter?

The result returns the first 2 characters "ow".

Download: MID Function

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