How to Use LARGE Function

In Excel, you can use the LARGE function to find the K-th largest value from a dataset based on its relative standing.


= LARGE(Array, K)


– The array is required; the data array or range which you need to determine the K-th largest value;

– K is required; the position from the largest in the data range.


K is in the range from 1 (largest) to n (smallest), where n is the number of data points. Otherwise, if k < 1 or if k is greater than the number of data points, the LARGE function returns the #NUM! error.

If the array is empty, the LARGE function returns the #NUM! error value.

Example 1: What is the 5th largest income?

= LARGE(C2:C9,5)
The 5th largest income is $70,256.

Example 2: What is the largest income?

= LARGE(C2:C9,1)
The largest income is $79,058.

Example 3: What is the 20th largest income?

= LARGE(C2:C9,20)
There are 8 persons in the example, so the 20th largest income does not exist and returns the #NUM! error.

Download: LARGE Function

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