How to Count Cells That Are Not Empty

In the situation that you need to count all the cells that contain data, you can use the COUNTA function.

Example: You are following up on a meeting and you have sent confirmation requests to those participants. After receiving confirmation, you decided to use Yes for those who will participate, No for those who will not participate, and leave blank for those who did not answer.

Formula 1: To count how many people you have sent request information to, you can use the following formula to count column A as you have entered all the names in column A or B.

= COUNTA(A2:A10)

Formula 2: To count how many people you have received confirmation, Yes or No, which are the confirmations you have entered.

= COUNTA(C2:C10)

Notes: The COUNTA Function


= COUNTA(value1, [value2], …)


The COUNTA function will count all cells that contain data or information, including cells with space only. If a cell contains a space, that cell will be counted as non-blank.

Practice: The COUNTA function

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