How to Use AVERAGEIF Function

In Excel, you can use AVERAGE or AVERAGEA function to calculate the average of a whole group of numbers, or use AVERAGEIF function when you need to calculate the average of a group of numbers that meet one criterion.


= AVERAGEIF(range, criteria, [average range])


– The range is required, which is the range of numbers to average;

– The criteria are required, which is the criteria you need to meet for average. You can use the wildcard characters such as the question mark (?) or the asterisk (*);

– [Average range] is optional; this is the actual range of cells to average. The range is used as the average range when it is omitted.


The AVERAGEIF function will count cells that contain only numbers. When there are multiple criteria, please use AVERAGEIFS function.

Example: What is the average in column C for those less than $70,000?

= AVERAGEIF(C2:C9,"<70000") The average is $57,593 for those less than $70,000.

Averageif function

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