How to Show All Axis Labels in a 3D Chart

When making a 3-D chart, some of the Axis labels may not show in the chart. To show all the Axis labels in a 3D chart, please follow the steps below:

In this example, we use the table below to make a column chart.

Step 1: Select the data, and click the "Insert" Tab from the Ribbon;

Step 2: Select the "Column Chart" in the Charts area, then select "3-D Column";

Step 3: you will get the chart below;

Step 4: In the chart above, the labels Goal2 and Goal4 are missed, to show all labels in Depth Axis from Goal1 to Goal4, you need to

1. Double click "Depth Axis";

2. In the navigation bar on the right, click the "Labels" section;

3. Select "Specify Interval Unit" and type 1 in the box.

Step 5: Now all the Axis will show up, see below

Download Example

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