How to Setup the Row Height

- How to Autofit Row Height to Show all Contents

Please follow the steps below to adjust the rows to a fixed height:

Step 1: Click the row header to select the whole row;

Step 2: Right-click to select "Row Height" from the list;

Step 3: In the box, enter the row height number, e.g., 20;

Step 4: Click "OK" at the bottom.

Alternatively, please use the commands in the ribbon:

Step 1: Select rows that you want to adjust the row height;

Step 2: Click the "Home" tab from the ribbon;

Step 3: Click "Format" in the Cells area, and select the "Row Height" from the drop-down list;

Step 4: Enter the row height number in the box, e.g., 20;

Step 5: Click "OK" at the bottom.

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