How to Make a Treemap Chart

A Treemap Chart provides a hierarchical view of your data and makes them easy to compare. The categories are represented by color and tree branches are represented by rectangles. Treemap charts are good for comparing proportions within the hierarchy, but aren't great at showing hierarchical levels between categories. Please follow the steps below to make a treemap chart:

Step 1: Select the data you want to make a Treemap chart;

Step 2: Click the "Insert" Tab from the ribbon;

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is excelinserttab.jpg

Step 3: Click "Insert Hierarchy Chart" in the Chart area, and select the Treemap;

Step 4: A Treemap Chart will be created.

Step 5: Change Chart Title: Click on the title then select the words inside the box to replace with the proper ones;

Step 6: Label Options: The default chart comes with the category names. Double click on any data label, in the dialog box, check "Value" box to add values.

Another method is to right click on Data Labels, click on Format Data Point in the dialog box, then click "Value" box in the "Label Options" window.

Step 7: Label Display: The category name sections automatically come with a different color which is the same as the color of rectangles. To separate the category section, double click any rectangle other than the data labels, in the Series Options window, change from "Overlapping" to "Banner".

Another method is to right click on any rectangle, select Format Data Point from the dialog box to bring up Series Options Window.

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