How to Make a Thermometer Chart

A thermometer chart, also a progress chart, displays the progress how much you have achieved to a goal. For example, to create a weekly progress chart with the goal of $1,000 in 4 weeks for a non-profit organization funding raising.

Step 1: Suppose we have the raised funding data in the table below. To make a thermometer chart, we need to calculate the total raised funding as of today, and the percentage over the Goal ($1,000 in this example);

Step 2: Select the data range A8:B8, and click the "Insert" tab from the Ribbon;

Step 3: Select the "Clustered Column" chart from the chart list;

Step 4: You will get a column chart;

Next Steps: Improve Chart:

Step 5: Set Y Axis to 0 - 100%: Right-click Y Axis, select "Format Axis", then change value of Minimum to 0 and value of Maximum to 1;

Step 6: Delete Title: Click on title and press the "Delete" key from the keyboard;

Step 7: Adjust Gap Depth and Gap Width: Right-click on the bar, select "Format Data Series", then change the "Gap Depth" and "Gap Width";

Step 8: Change X Axis to "% of Achieved"

1. Right-click on column chart, and select the "Select Data";

2. Click Edit in the right box in the "Select Data Source" window;

3. Select A8 ("% of Achieved") in the "Axis Label Range" window;

Step 9: Change the bar fill color, and change it to a 3-D cylinder chart, please check here for details;

Step 10: Rotate to the 0 degrees for X-axis and Y-axis;

Step 11: You just created a progress chart.

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