How to Make a Stock Chart

A stock chart is specialized to illustrate the fluctuation of stock prices and normally involves a series of days.

Not like other charts, a stock chart requires your data to be arranged in one of the following orders:

  • High-Low-Close;
  • Open-High-Low-Close;
  • Volumn-High-Low-Close;
  • Volumn-Open-High-Low-Close;

Step 1: Suppose we have the data below and we are making a "Volumn-Open-High-Low-Close" stock chart;

Step 2: Highlight the data range A1:F16, click the "Insert" Tab from the Ribbon;

Step 3: Click "Stock" in the Charts area, and select one of the stock chart types (e.g., Volume-Open-High-Low-Close);

Step 4: A stock chart will be created.

Step 5: The following chart explains the data points of "High, Low, Open, and Close";

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