How to Make a Doughnut Chart

A Doughnut Chart will show you the proportions of a whole with one or more series. The difference between a doughnut chart and a pie chart is that a doughnut chart can contain more than 1 series. Please follow the steps below to make a doughnut chart:

Step 1: Select the data with category names;

Step 2: Click the "Insert" Tab from the ribbon;

Step 3: Click the "Doughnut" command in the Chart area;

Step 4: A Doughnut Chart will be created.

Step 5: Change Chart Title: click on the title then select the words inside the box to replace with the proper ones;

Step 6: Add Data Labels: Right click any portion of the doughnut, in the dialog box, select "Add Data Labels" then "Add Data Labels" or "Add Data Callouts" (Notes: Excel 2010 and earlier versions have no option of "Data Callouts").

Step 7: Doughnut Hole Size: Double click on the Doughnut, in the Format Data Series window, change "Doughnut Hole Size" to make chart changes.

Another method is to right-click on the doughnut, select Format Data Series from the dialog box to bring up the Window. Please note that Excel 2010 or earlier versions has a different style of the "Format Data Series" window.

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