How to Keep Fraction Denominator Digits

- How to Change the Numbers to Fraction
- How to Turn Fractions No Integer

When formatting the fraction to "up to two digits" or "up to three digits", the fraction sometimes will stay as only one digit, e.g., "1/5". When formatting "1/5" to "up to two digits", the returned result still keeps "1/5".

The reason is that Excel keeps the cell value 1/5 as 0.2, and automatically turns that value to the fraction that has no common factors for nominator and denominator.

To change to the number of digits you need, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the cells or range with fraction;

Step 2: Right click to bring up the dialog box, from the list click "Format Cells";

Step 3: In the "Format Cells" window, click "Custom" from the left navigation;

Step 4: Change the denominator "??" to the number you need, for example, "10" to keep two digits, (or "100" to keep 3 digits), then click "OK" at the bottom.

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