How to Insert a Table Slicer

The slicer is a good way to filter data visually and faster for both tables and pivot tables. Please follow the steps below to add a slicer for a table:

Step 1: Click anywhere in the table;

Please note: if you work on a data range, please transform the data range into a data table either using shortcut "Ctrl+T", or the command from the ribbon.

Step 2: Click the "Insert" Tab from the ribbon

Step 3: Click "Slicer" in the Filters section;

Alternatively, click "Insert Slicer" in the "Design" Tab (or Table Design);

Step 4: "Insert Slicers" window with all columns titles will appear, select the titles you want to be slicers (e.g., Gender);

Step 5: Click "OK" at the bottom, a new slicer with "Gender" will be generated.

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