How to Insert a Column with Copied Contents

– How to Insert an Empty Column

When working with an Excel spreadsheet, you often need to insert columns and sometimes the column with copied contents. Please see the steps below to insert a column with copied contents:

Step 1: Copy the column or columns with contents, and click the cell where you want to insert;

Step 2: Right-click, and select "Insert Copied Cells" from the list.

Step 3: The new column will appear on the left of the copied column.

– Alternatively, please use the commands from the ribbon.

Step 1: Click the "Home" Tab from the ribbon;

Step 2: Click "Insert", and select "Insert Copied Cells" from the drop-down list;

When inserting a column with copied contents, if you click any cell other than the first cell, you will receive a warning message: "You can't paste this because the Copy area and the paste area aren't the same size…".

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