How to Format Content Border Color

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When working with Excel, you might often need to format the border color of the contents. You can use the format border commands from Home Tab for a quick format, or use the options from Format Cell dialog box to have more complex border color formatting.

Method 1: Using the Command under Home Tab

Step 1: Select the cell or area to format;

Step 2: Click the "Home" Tab from Ribbon;

Step 3: Click the small triangle after the command "Border";

Step 4: Select "Line color" from the drop down list then pick up one color;

Step 5: Repeat the step 3 to bring up the drop-down list, and select one border format from the drop-down list.

Method 2: Using the Format Cell

Step 1: Select the cell or area to format;

Step 2: Right click your mouse to bring up the dialog box, from the list, click "Format Cells";

Step 3: Under "Border" Tab in the "Format Cells" window:

– pick up a color first;

– select a line style; and

– click the surrounding area of the text on the right.

Step 4: Click "OK" at the bottom.

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