How to Customize Pivot Chart through Field Buttons

After creating a Pivot Chart, there are several methods you can customize your pivot chart. Please follow steps below to customize the chart through the field buttons:

Step 1: Click the triangle after "Axis Field Button", e.g., "Region";

You can customize the pivot chart in several ways in the dialog box:

Step 2: Uncheck the fields to hide the categories, e.g., uncheck "East" and "South" regions;

You will see only two regions are now in the pivot chart;

Step 3: Click "Label Filters" and filter with the drop-down list, e.g., contain a text string;

- Type the text string in the box, e.g., "S";

- You will see the regions with the text string are now in the pivot chart;

Step 4: Sort Axis from A to Z or from Z to A

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