How to Clear the Conditional Formatting Rules from Selected Area

Conditional formatting will help you find the cells with the values you want, to clear the conditional formatting rules in the selected area, please follow the steps below, or check here to clear rules in the entire worksheet.

Step 1: Select the data range;

Step 2: Click the "Home" tab from the Ribbon;

Step 3: Click the "Conditional Formatting" command in the "Styles" section;

Step 4: Click the "Clear Rules" from the drop-down list; then select "Clear Rules from Selected Cells" from the extended list to clear the rules only from the selected section;

Alternatively, select "Clear Rules from Entire Sheet" from the list to remove the rules from the entire spreadsheet;

Step 5: You will see the rules in the selected cells disappear. Please note that the rules in the other cells will stay.

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