How to Change a Chart from 2-D to 3-D

Suppose we have a regular column chart below and need to change it to a 3-D chart (check here to make a column chart).

Step 1: Right click anywhere on the chart, select "Change Series Chart Type";

Step 2: In "Change Chart Type" window, click "Column" in the left navigation bar, then select a 3-D chart from the chart gallery;

Step 3: Click OK and a 3-D column chart will be created;

Step 4: Change 3-D Bar Type: right click anywhere on the bar, select "Format Data Series", then select "Cylinder" in the "Series Options" section;

Step 5: 3-D Rotation:

1. Right click anywhere on the chart, select "3-D Rotation";

2. Change X Rotation to 0 degrees, Y Rotation to 0 degrees, Perspective to a minimum degree (e.g., 0.1 degrees);

Step 6: A 3-D chart with the 2-D background is created.

Download Example

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