How to Categorize Contacts in Outlook

When working with a long list of contacts, the easy way is to categorize to make them easy to find out.

Step 1: Click "People" from the left bottom to open contact window;

Step 2: Choose contacts in the same group using "Ctrl" key;

Step 3: Click the "Categorize" button from the "Home" tab;

Step 4: Choose "All Categories" from the drop-down list;

Step 5: Click “New” in the "Color Categories" window;

Step 6: Type a desired name for the category, and choose a color, then click “OK”;

Step 8: You will see the new category is now on the list, click “Ok” again, and the new category is created.

Step 9: You may need to add new members to the category, please follow the steps below:

1. Right-click the contacts;

2. Click "Category" from the drop-down list;

3. Click the group you want to add the contact.

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