How to Add Voting Buttons When Sending Emails in Outlook

If you want the recipients to vote, you can add voting buttons when you send out the message. Please follow below for details:

Step 1: Click "New Email" to create an email;

Step 2: In the "New Email" window, click "Options" tab;

Step 3: In the "Options" tab, click "Using Voting Buttons", and select one of the 3 options if you want recipients to approve or reject the request;

- Approve;Reject
- Yes;No
- Yes;No;Maybe

Step 4: If you need recipients to vote options other than the 3 options, please select "Custom…" from the drop-down list after clicking the "Using Voting Buttons";

Step 5: In the "Properties" window, check "Use voting buttons" and type in "restaurant A;restaurant B;restaurant C" (for example: to ask recipients to vote which restaurant for lunch); click "Close" at the bottom;

Step 6: In the email, you will see a new message "You added voting buttons to this message". If the message is ready, click "Send" to send out the message.

Step 7: The recipients receive the message with the voting options; the options will be listed when clicking on the message (e.g., restaurant B);

Step 8: The option sent back will display in the email.

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