How to Add Error Bars to a Chart

Please follow the steps below to add the Error Bars to a Chart:

Step 1: Click anywhere on the chart, the "Chart Design" Tab (or Design Tab if you have a different version) will appear in the Ribbon;

Step 2: Click the "Chart Design" Tab from the ribbon;

Step 3: Click "Add Chart Element" in the Chart Layouts area;

Step 4: Click "Error Bars" from the drop down list, and select one of the three types "Standard Error", "Percentage" or "Standard Deviation";

Please note that Excel uses "Standard Error", "a 5% Value" or "1 Standard Deviation" to quickly display Error Bars, which can be changed in the "Format Error Bars" window (see step 4).

Step 4: To format Error Bars, double click one of the error bars. In the "Format Error Bars" window:

- Click "Both" for the direction;
- Click "Cap" for the End Style;
- Enter a value (e.g., 2) in the "Fixed value";

Step 5: Close the "Format Error Bars" window, here is the chart with Error bars.

To remove the Error Bars, the easy way is to click on the error bar, and press "Delete" from the keyboard; or repeat the step 1 to step 3, then click "None" from the drop down list.

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