Greek Independence Day

Greek Independence Day, also known as the Celebration of the Greek Revolution, is a public holiday in Greece and Cyprus, and it is observed on March 25 each year.

Greek Independence Day marks the first day of the Greek Revolution, a series of military campaigns against the Ottoman Empire starting in 1821. Greece came under Ottoman rule in the 15th century. Although many uprisings against the Ottoman rule to regain independence took place during the Ottoman era, none were successful until the Greek Revolution, which lasted 9 years from 1821 to 1829 and led to the formation of modern Greece.

The following is the list of Greek Independence Day from 2022 to 2026.

Greek Independence DayMar 25, 2022Friday
Greek Independence DayMar 25, 2023Saturday
Greek Independence DayMar 25, 2024Monday
Greek Independence DayMar 25, 2025Tuesday
Greek Independence DayMar 25, 2026Wednesday

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