How to Freeze Rows or Columns in Google Sheets

When working with Google Sheets, you may need to freeze rows or columns to make your work easier, especially when you work with a large sheet. Please see below for details:

Step 1: Click any cell in the sheet;

Step 2: Click the "View" tab from the ribbon;

Step 3: Click "Freeze" from the drop-down list;

Step 4: Select the rows or columns you want to freeze in the extended drop-down list:

- Click "1 row" to freeze the first row;

- Click "2 rows" to freeze the first two rows;

- Click "Up to current row" to freeze the rows up to the mouse cursor. For example, if your cursor is in row 4, then you will freeze the first 4 rows;

- Please select columns in the same rule as the rows.

Step 5: When you freeze the rows or columns, a gray line appears, The rows above the gray line or the columns left to the line are the ones you freeze.

Step 6: If you want to unfreeze the rows or columns you frozen earlier, click "No rows" or "No columns" in step 4.

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