How to Extract Text before at sign for Email Address

To extract the text before the at sign (@), you need to find the location of the special character of the at sign (@) and then use the Left Function. Please see below for details



Where cell A1 is the first cell with the email address.

Copy the formula and replace "A1" with your own data for the results.


To extract text before the special character "@" in the email address "" in cell A3, as shown above.

The result returns the text "abc".


Step 1: To find the location of the special character "@"


Step 2: Pick up the letters before the special character "@"

Formula=LEFT(A3, FIND("@",A3)-1)

If only part of your data contain the at sign (@), you may use the IFERROR function to have all the text for those do not have the special characters.


Or make the cells without the at sign blank with the following formula.


In case your data contains a special character that is different from the at sign (@), please replace the at sign (@) with the special character in your data, e.g., "]".

=LEFT(A1, FIND("]",A1)-1)

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