How to Search Emails with Attachment in Outlook

When working with Outlook messages, we often need to search the messages from a sender, the topics in the subjects etc. Please follow the steps below to check messages in a different way:

Step 1: Select the folder to search, e.g., the "Inbox" folder;

Step 2: Click in the search box, you will notice that the "Search" tab appears in the Ribbon;

Step 3: In the "Search" Tab, click "Has Attachments". You will see in the search box, a message "hasattachments: yes" is added. All emails with attachments will be listed;

Step 4: To check all emails with no attachments, please change "yes" to "no";

Step 5: To search emails with attachments and from a person, please click "From", and a new message from:"Sender Name" will be added in the search box;

Step 6: In the search box, replace "Sender Name" with the person's name, e.g., "Linda". All emails with attachments from Linda will be listed.

Step 7: To search the inside of the message, please double click the message to open in a separate window, then click the "Message" tab from the ribbon;

Step 8: Type the words in the search box for the results.


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