Below is the list of 24 Excel shortcuts starting with "Ctrl" and ending with a letter. The two shortcuts "Ctrl+J" and "Ctrl+M" are not assigned yet.

What to doShortcuts
Select the current data or entire worksheetCtrl + A
Bold text or remove bold formattingCtrl + B
Copy the selected cellsCtrl + C
Copy topmost cell into the cells belowCtrl + D
Recognize patterns and Flash Fill columnsCtrl + E
Display "Find and Replace" dialog boxCtrl + F
Display "Go to" dialog boxCtrl + G
Display "Find and Replace" dialog boxCtrl + H
Apply or remove italic formattingCtrl + I
Not assignedCtrl + J
Create or edit a hyperlinkCtrl + K
Display "Create Table" dialog boxCtrl + L
Not assignedCtrl + M
Create a new workbookCtrl + N
Open a spreadsheetCtrl + O
Display "Print" windowCtrl + P
Display "Quick Analysis" optionsCtrl + Q
Use the Fill Right commandCtrl + R
Save a spreadsheetCtrl + S
Display "Create Table" dialog boxCtrl + T
Apply or remove underline formatingCtrl + U
Paste contentCtrl + V
Close a spreadsheetCtrl + W
Move the selected cellsCtrl + X
Repeat the last command or action, if possibleCtrl + Y
Undo the last actionCtrl + Z