How to Create an Index in Word

In a book or a long report, you may often see the index list for readers to locate names, concepts, procedures, or any other important topics. To create an index, you need two parts: mark entry and insert index.

Part 1: Mark entry is to add the words or phrases to the index list.

Step 1: Select the words (or phrases) and click the "References" tab from the ribbon;

Step 2: Click "Mark Entry" from the "Index" section;

Step 3: In the "Mark Index Entry" window, click "Mark" for the selected word, or "Mark All" for all the words the same as the selected word;

Step 4: The marked words will appear with "XE";

Step 5: Select another keyword or phrase, click the "Main entry" box in the "Mark Index Entry" window, the word in the box will automatically change to the selected word. Click "Mark" to mark the second entry. Repeat to mark all the keywords.

Part 2: Insert index is to add the listing of keywords and the page numbers they appear on.

Step 6: Click the place where you want to add the index list;

Step 7: Click the "References" tab from the ribbon (if you are in a different tab);

Step 8: Click "Insert Index" from the "Index" section;

Step 9: Select one format in the "Index" window under the "Index" tab;

Step 10: Click "OK" to finish.

If you need to update the index, please check how to update the index.

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