How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook

You can create an email signature in Outlook, so you do not need to type your basic information (e.g., job title, contact information) everytime you send out emails. Please see the steps below how to create a signature.

Step 1: Click "File" in the Ribbon;

Step 2: Click "Options" from the left menu;

Step 3: Click "Mail" from the left navigation bar in the "Outlook Options" window;

Step 4: Move down and click "Signatures…";

Step 5: In the "Signatures and Stationary" window, click "New" under the "E-mail Signature" tab, type a signature name (e.g., David) and click "OK" at the bottom;

Step 6: Type the signature content such as job title and phone number in the "Edit signature" and format to your preferred way;

Step 7: After you created a signature, you can set it as the default;

Step 8: To add a picture: Click the folder icon to find the picture, and click "Insert" at the bottom;

Step 9: To add a link: Select the text will be linked in the signature. Click the link icon in the "Edit signature" section;

Step 10: Click "Existing File or Web Page" and paste the URL in the address box;

Step 11: The signature is created with a picture and website link.

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