How to Create a Regenerating Task in Outlook

A regenerating task is one type of the recurring task, and it occurs when a certain amount of time passes after the last time you completed the task.

Step 1: Click the "Tasks" button to open the Task window;

Step 2: Double click on the task you want to make it recurring (or create a new task) to open the task in the task window;

Step 3: Click the "Task" tab from the ribbon, and then click "Recurrence" button;

Step 4: In the "Task Recurrence" dialog box, choose the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly option to specify how often the task occurs;

Enter the number of months in the box of "Regenerate new task x month after each task is completed".

In the "Range of recurrence" section, specify the end of the task.

Step 5: When all areas are set up, click "OK" at the bottom to close the "Task Recurrence" window;

Step 6: Click "Save & Close" to close the task window.

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