How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Page is the place where you connect with clients, employees and the LinkedIn communities. It is also a place you can promote your business. Please follow the steps below to create a company page.

Step 1: To create a company page, you need to create a personal page with your real name first. Please check here to login your account or create your personal LinkedIn page;

Step 2: On the top of your front page, click "Work";

Step 3: Click "Create a Company Page" in the new window;

Step 4: Select your company size in the new window;

Step 5: Fill out the "Page Identity" and "Company Details";

Step 6: After filling all the information, click "Create page" at the bottom;

Step 7: You are more likely to get the error message if you have no enough connections. Typically you will need 10 or more connections before you can create your LinkedIn company page.

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