How to Create a Google Sheet

Google Sheets is the smart sheet you have to know how to use it. It is so convenient and you can use it anywhere. Basically, whatever you type or import, the sheets will autosave them for your future use. To use a Google Sheet, you need to start with your Gmail account.

Step 1: Login your Gmail account, or refer here to create your Gmail if you do not have one;

Step 2: After you log in your Gmail account, click the "Google apps" icon on the top-right corner;

Step 3: Check the "Sheets" app in the new window and click on it if you see it.

However, you probably do not have the "Sheets" app if this is your very first time. If you do not see it, click the link and click "Go to Google Sheets";

Step 4: The online Google "Sheets" app will open, you can click "Start a new spreadsheet" to start your Google sheets journey.

Step 5: You can create a shortcut for Google Sheets. Click the "Google apps" icon on the top-right corner again and scroll down and you will see "Sheets Add a Shortcut";

Step 6: Click on it and you will see the "Sheets" app is now on the list. You can move the icon to any position by clicking on the app then holding it while moving.

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