How to Count the Number of Rows in a Range

When you work with a large dataset, you may wonder how many rows are in a range. This is relatively easy and we can use the ROWS function to figure out. However, if you want to check which row a number or a text string is in a range, you will need the ROW function.

In summary, the ROWS function tells you how many rows a range has, while the ROW function tells which row a value is in.

Example: You are working with a dataset with the product in column A, the DOB in column B, and the amount sold in column C.

Formula 1: To count how many rows the range of A1:C12 has


The result returns 12, and the range has 12 rows.

Formula 2: To figure which row a number is in, e.g., 529,944

= ROW(C5)

Type the formula in a cell and find the number in column C (C5). The result returns 5, and the number is in row 5.

Notes: The ROWS function


= ROWS(array)


The array is required. The number of rows in the data ranges you are looking for.

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