How to Convert PDF to Word File without Software

If you have been working with PDF files, you might know that you have limited capacity to modify the document. If you have the professional version, you can change some of them but you have to buy the license. It seems very hard to convert a PDF file to a word document without a software, luckily, we can convert it by using Google Drive. Please see the steps below for details:

Before converting, you will need to have a Gmail account. Please refer to how to create a Gmail account if you do not have one yet;

Step 1: Login your Gmail account, then search Google drive. Click the first item as shown below;

Step 2: Click the "Go to Google Drive" button if you are using your personal Gmail account, or click "Learn more" if you are using your business account;

Step 3: Click the "My Drive" and select "Upload files" from the drop-down list;

Step 4: Navigate to the PDF file location and upload. It might take a while depending on the file size. You will see a notice when the upload is complete at the right-bottom corner;

Step 5: Find the file in the list, right-click on the PDF file and click "Open with", then select "Google Docs" from the list;

Step 6: When the file opens in the Google Docs, click the "File" tab from the ribbon, then click "Download as" and select "Microsoft Word (.docx)";

Step 7: When the download is over, open the Word file, and the PDF file is now a Word file.

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