How to Change the Location of Watermark in Word

When adding a watermark in the word file, it will locate in the middle of the page, does not matter you have the horizontal watermark or the diagonal watermark. However, you can change the location if you do not want them in the middle.

Step 1: Double click the header of the file and move the cursor in the header;

Step 2: Move the cursor on top of the watermark, and click on it when the cursor turns into a black cross;

Step 3: Now moving points appear around the watermark:

– The green dot is to change the angle;
– The gray dots are to change the size; and
– The yellow dot is to change the italic degree.

Step 4: Click on the watermark and drag to the location you want.

Alternatively, you can double-click on one of the dots and the "Format" tab will display in the ribbon.

Step 5: In the "Format" tab, click "Position" and then select one position from the drop-down list.

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