How to Change Space between Columns in Word

If you have a word file with more than one column, you can adjust the space between columns with the steps below:

Part 1: To have the file have 2 or more columns

Step 1: Open the word file and click the "Layout" tab;

Step 2: Click "Columns" and select the number of columns you want to have from the drop-down list.

Part 2: To Change the space between columns

Step 3: If you have the word file with more than 1 column, instead of selecting the number of columns in step 2, please select "More columns" at the end of the drop-down list in step 2 to display the "Columns" window;

Step 4: In the "Columns" window, change the "Width and spacing" to make the space between columns comfortable to you;

Step 5: Click "OK" at the bottom to finish.

You can also drag the ruler to change the space between columns if you have the ruler on in the word file.

In case you want the word document to have 3 or more columns, please change "The number of columns". Sometimes you may need to adjust the margins to have more columns.

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