How to Change Default Font or Text Color for Outlook Messages

Don't like the default format of the font, background while composing an email? You can change your default with the steps below so every time you will have your preferred format when you compose emails again.

Step 1: Click "File" in the Ribbon;

Step 2: Click "Options" from the left menu;

Step 3: Click "Mail" from the left navigation bar in the "Outlook Options" window;

Step 4: You can also move down and click "Stationery and Fonts" to set up the font format for signature, new mail messages, replying or forwarding messages;

Step 5: Click "Font" to set up the font format in each of the 3 scenarios:

– New mail messages;
– Replying or forwarding messages;
– Composing and reading plain text messages.

Step 6: Click "OK" at the bottom.

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