How to Change Auto Saving Frequency in Word

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When working with Microsoft Word, you have a variety of options to save your work. By default, Word (or Excel, PowerPoint) will automatically save your work every 10 minutes even you do not save them manually, so you can reopen the unsaved word documents after.

1. Change Auto Saving Frequency

If you want to change the frequency to autosave your work more often, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: With any document open, or a word blank word file newly open, click the "File" tab;

Step 2: Click "Options" from the navigation menu;

Step 3: In the "Word Options" window, click "Save";

Step 4: Check the box of "Save AutoRecover information every 10 minutes", and change "10 minutes" to a different number, e.g., 5 minutes;

– You can also change the location of these files in this step.

Step 5: Click "OK" to close the window.

2. Don't Show the Backstage When Opening or Saving Files

If you want to save time and not show the "Backstage" when opening or saving files, you can check this option in the "Word Options" window.

The following is the difference before and after checking the option of "Don't show the Backstage when opening or saving files".

3. Save to Computer by Default

To make Word automatically save your work to your computer instead of any other places such as "SkyDrive", please choose the option "Save to Computer by default" in the "Word Options" window.

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