How to Automatically Flag Specific Messages in Outlook

If you are receiving hundreds of messages per day, you can use flags to mark the important messages. For example, you can create a message folder to hold all the messages from your boss or any important topics.

Step 1: Create a new folder to include the message you are going to flag (e.g., Excelnotes);

Step 2: Move to the Inbox, and click one message that you are going to move, for example, message notices to moderate the comments;

Step 3: In the "Home" Tab, click "Rules", then click "Create Rule";

Step 4: Check "Subject contains" and type the words in the box of "Subject contains" in the "Create Rule" window;

Step 5: Check "Move the item to folder" and navigate to the target folder;

Step 6: If you have more rules, please click "Advanced Settings" in the "Create Rule" window;

Step 7: In the "Rule Wizard" window, choose the criteria for the message from;

Step 8: Click "Next" and in the new window, choose the criteria you want to do with the messages in two steps;

– First step: To check the rules you want to apply in the first box;

– Second step: Click the underlined value in the second box to apply this rule after the message arrives.

Step 9: Click "Next" to exclude the messages if there is an exception;

Step 10: In the next window, set up one of the two rule options and click "Finish".

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